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Penny Lecture: Natural Form: the stories a diamond crystal can tell us

Whereas a polished diamond owes its beauty to the fine-tuned skill of the cutter, the diamond in its rough state is nature’s own work of art. The natural form of a rough diamond is not only beautiful, but it reveals a story that extends back over three billion years. Join two of De Beers Institute of Diamonds tutors as they talk you through how to interpret the various crystal shapes and their idiosyncratic features, and what they reveal about the remarkable journey of the diamond, from stardust to the surface of the Earth.

Following the presentation, there will also be a hands-on session, offering attendees the opportunity to observe and discuss a curated selection of natural rough diamonds with the team. 

Speakers Biographies
Elizabeth West

Beth is Senior Technical Educator for De Beers Institute of Diamonds. As a seasoned gemmologist with over fifteen years’ experience in the jewellery industry, she has worked across various roles, predominantly within education. She is a Fellow and Diamond Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and a member of the Federation of European Education in Gemmology, with specialist knowledge in, and a wealth of passion for, diamond.

Alan Smith

Alan is a rough diamond expert with 34 years’ experience in the diamond industry, covering rough sorting, pricing, manufacturing and client relations in the countries DeBeers open within: Botswana, Namibia, South Africa. Working with the Pricing and Development team in London, Alan ensures DeBeers assortment remain relevant, so at to maximise the value of diamond for DeBeers and their partners.