Morley College London Unveils Anti-Graffiti Art Panel on Portobello Road 

Yesterday, artists and the local community around North Kensington gathered on Portobello Road for the launch of the anti-graffiti art panel.  

Morley x Portobello Road  

The project is a collaboration between Art and Design students and staff at North Kensington, which involves the creation of a striking 8x4ft panel. 

Students artwork from north kensington for panel

This innovative project is designed not only to beautify the area but also to serve as an effective anti-graffiti measure. 

The event was a celebration of local art and community spirit, reflecting Morley’s mission to foster progressive learning and positive change. 

Collaborative Art Project with North Kensington 

The panel showcases high-resolution artwork that captures the creativity and diversity of the Morley North Kensington community.  

The artwork is accompanied by descriptive text and features the Morley College London logo, reinforcing the institution’s commitment to community engagement and artistic expression. 

Portobello road newly installed panel display

A Symbol of diversity and community 

At the heart of this project is the ‘MNK Student,’ a figure created through the combined efforts of students from various disciplines, including Jewellery, Interior Design, Ceramics and Glass.  

This amorphous figure is more than just a piece of art; it is a visual representation of the rich diversity and unique stories of the students at MNK. 

“This piece of art is a symbol of creativity and collaboration at our North Kensington Centre. Our amorphous student is an ode to all that choose to study here, and the myriad of reasons why they choose to do so. Everyone is welcome, and everyone is celebrated” said Luke Lount, Programme Manager for Music and Creative Arts.

Morley’s vision 

Morley’s NK Centre has always been a cornerstone of the local community, drawing inspiration from its dynamic and diverse surroundings.  

The creation of the MNK Student figure encapsulates the college’s vision to provide inclusive and progressive learning opportunities that foster personal and community growth. 

As the panel is unveiled, it will stand as a lasting symbol of Morley’s dedication to supporting the arts and promoting a vibrant, cohesive community. 

This panel is the face of our very own Artists of Morley season – watch out for more news to come in early June.