Green Week


Green Week is Morley’s initiative to raise awareness around the issues of sustainability, environmentalism and climate emergency.

5 days of lunchtime, afternoon and evening events - all part of X of Morley.

Learn how to make decorative fabric flowers from remnants or scraps of material. 3 hour taster session

Join Programme Manager Marian Lynch and her the team as they address issues around sustainability in their work.

It is important for us to take responsibility for what we wear, and zero waste pattern cutting is an approach to making clothing which allows us to utilise every part of the fabric.

Create a botanically dyed bow trim from UK grown organic peace silk.

Watch Annette, Head of Ceramics at Waterloo and four students explore sustainability in their practice and inspire us in our creative journey.

Penny Lecture: Thinking in Circles Sustainable Design and the Circular Economy by Sally Wright

Penny Lecture: Creative Responses to the Earth Crisis by Bridget Mckenzie