A night to remember: Waterloo100

On the evening of 26 March, 130 attendees came together to celebrate a century of Morley’s tenure at 61 Westminster Bridge Road.

Waterloo100 was more than just an event; it was a journey through time, exploring the rich history, experiencing the vibrant present and envisioning the exciting future of the Waterloo Centre for Adult Education.

Performances and exciting conversations

The night commenced with speeches from Dr. Andrew Gower, Principal of Morley College London, and Bushra Iqbal, Centre Principal at Waterloo, who spoke about the history of the Waterloo Centre as well as plans for its future.

Morley’s Big Band – in both its ‘beginners’ and full guises – gave a great performance and played beautifully.

The Big Band was accompanied by Mark Ferrigan, who sang a few songs to conclude the performance, contributing to a celebratory atmosphere that showcased Morley’s music students and their dedication to learning.

Touring the past 100 years

Members of staff hosted guided tours that took guests on an immersive exploration of the Waterloo Centre, delving into its fascinating history and showcasing its iconic spaces.

Throughout the college there were live classes, captivating exhibitions, insightful re-enactments and the dynamic Morley Radio, every corner resonating with the spirit of Morley’s enduring legacy.

As tours concluded, guests gathered in the Emma Cons Hall to indulge in delectable food and beverages whilst networking with other members of the Morley community.

Congratulations to our competition winner

To celebrate 100 years at Waterloo, the college hosted a competition for a lucky attendee to win a FREE short course at the Waterloo Centre.

Bushra Iqbal, Centre Principal at Waterloo, will contact the winner this week: here’s a sneak peek.

Bushra expressed her excitement, calling Waterloo100 “a night to remember” and noting her appreciation of everyone who was part of this historic celebration.

Morley would like to thank all of those who attended including Friends of Morley, stakeholders, students and colleagues who joined us for this special occasion.

Here’s to another century of excellence, innovation, and community at Morley in SE1.