Attracting and retaining highly-skilled, passionate and innovative staff has been a hallmark of Morley’s history, and it’s a tradition we proudly continue.

Today our courses are taught by tutors who are active practitioners in their fields, bringing expertise and innovation to their work. Many also lecture at universities so apply the latest academic thinking to their teaching at Morley.

A prestigious history

Over the years the College has boasted staff with outstanding reputations:

  • Composer Gustav Holst was Director of Music at Morley from 1907
  • In 1940, Sir Michael Tippett became Director of Music
  • Friend of Holst, composer Ralph Vaughan Williams also taught at Morley
  • Artist Maggi Hambling is currently both a tutor and patron of the Morley Gallery

Other high profile figures associated with the College have included writer Virginia Woolf and artist Edward Bawden, who painted the murals in the Refectory based on The Canterbury Tales.


Supporting Morley’s teaching staff are highly skilled and experienced student support staff, professional services staff, a management group and a governing body, ensuring an outstanding service is offered to our students at all levels.

Senior Leadership Team

Chief Executive and PrincipalDr. Andrew Gower
Chief Planning and Data OfficerJon Cole
Chief Marketing and Engagement OfficerMatthew Cunningham
Vice Principal (Student Engagement) and Centre Principal (North Kensington Centre for Skills)Craig Hanlon-Smith
Vice Principal (Curriculum Impact) and Centre Principal (Waterloo Centre for Adult Education)Bushra Iqbal (profile to follow)
Chief People OfficerAlison McNamara
Chief Finance OfficerRalph Moran
Vice Principal (Innovation, Quality and Performance) and Centre Principal (Chelsea Centre for Creative Industries)Matias Shortcook

Read more about our Governing Body here.

Working for us

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