Celebrating Women’s History Month

This month sees Morley College London celebrate women’s history month with a wonderful range of events planned throughout the month. It commences with a birthday celebration – with cake – for our founder Emma Cons. As a suffragette and social reformer, Emma Cons believed in the power of education to change lives. And this month we welcome a new principal for our Waterloo Centre for Adult Education: Bushra Iqbal.

We celebrate International Women’s Day with a feature about influential female figures from Morley College London’s history. The feature talks about writers, social reformers, politicians and artists who have played key roles in Morley’s mission. They include the artist Maggi Hambling, writers Virginia Woolf and Margaret Drabble, and social reformers Eva Hubbock and Nancy Seear.

On the day itself, our students at the Chelsea Centre for Creative Industries highlight the creative work made by women.

drawing on paper by JaneJoseph

A Life Drawn

There is also a terrific exhibition on display at the Morley Gallery celebrating the art of Jane Joseph, open daily Monday – Friday. Titled A Life Drawn, the exhibition celebrates Jane’s work as an artist, printmaker, and tutor.

Morley Mosaics

This month, Morley Radio will broadcast ‘Morley Mosaics’ a series in which tutor Caryle Webb discusses the lives of the wonderful women featured on the mosaics outside Morley’s Waterloo Centre. You can hear all about the lives of women like Violette Szaba, a wartime espionage agent who died at the hands of the Nazis. The series also features Annie McCall who established women-only hospitals and Lilian Bayliss, founder of ENO.

Throughout the month there will be concerts featuring music by female composers. And look out for features on female writers helped and shaped by Morley, like our winners of the Morley Prize.