Chelsea students experience life as working Lisbonites

In an exciting educational trip funded by the Turing Scheme, 15 Morley students from the Chelsea Centre for Creative Industries embarked on a transformative journey last month to Lisbon, Portugal. 

The experience wasn’t just about discovering a vibrant European city, but also delving into professional work placements across diverse sectors that will support students as they continue on their journey of creative discovery at Chelsea. 

The sectors that the students explored included 3D Design, Fashion, Interior Design and Architecture, Media, Press and Design. 

Life in Lisbon 

When they weren’t working, the students got into the local scene, learning Portuguese and picking up practical skills. They figured out how to budget by pooling money for groceries, cooking meals together, and even enjoyed BBQs. 

Beyond that, they explored the city, went bowling, visited the aquarium, and chilled at the beach. 

“In just 25 days, these students not only learned a lot about their work but also built lasting friendships and picked up important life skills,” said Maggie Hall, Head of Art.

“The Turing Work Placement in Lisbon was more than just a job opportunity; it was a full-on experience that mixed work, exploration, and personal growth, making a lasting impact on everyone involved.” 

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Video footage 

Morley’s Content Officer Geordene Ritarita captured much of the action in these video diaries:

First-Time Explorers: For many students, it was their first time in Lisbon, and their excitement and awe were beautifully documented on Instagram.  

Arrival Moments: Initial moments in Lisbon were shared through captivating videos, you see them below.  

Reel of Experiences: The diverse range of activities and roles culminated in a captivating overall reel, providing a glimpse into the students’ dynamic experiences. 

Keep an eye out for videos captured by the students themselves on Morley’s Instagram channel.