Congratulations to all students

Congratulations to all the students who are receiving exam results over the next few days. Across London, there’s thousands of students like you waiting nervously to see how they went and what that means for their academic futures.

Understandably, you may feel a little pressure at the moment. But whatever your results, take heart in knowing that you made it through a global pandemic and you have many options ahead of you.

The past year has been stressful with many barriers that others in your position have never had to face. You’ve achieved something very special, so you have the right to feel proud.

If you discover your results aren’t what you wanted them to be, don’t feel the need to jump straight into calling clearing lines and make decisions too quickly.

Take a big breath and think about what’s important to you. Understanding your long term goals is better than making swift decisions that you may regret later.

Morley College London is here and ready to help you make a plan for your future. We offer recognised HNC, HND and BA qualifications in subjects ranging from fashion to music to science and more, helping you to Go Further or Go Higher, whatever your goals. Give us a call on 020 7450 1889 or email

Student Spotlight: Morgan, 17

Morgan has giving herself a second chance at education through Morley College’s Restart Course in North Kensington.

“The Restart Course is helping me get to where I want to be in the future,” the 17-year-old says with her eyes firmly set on her dream of becoming a firefighter.

“There’s always a second chance, which I didn’t think was possible, I thought it was the end of the world (when she got low grades in her GCSEs), but it’s not. All you’ve got to do is ask for help. Even though I don’t like asking for help, do it anyway. “

Morgan grew up in the Ladbroke Grove area. By her own admission, she didn’t do well at school, citing a troubled home life and poor mental health as a barrier to her education.

“I completed my GSCEs, but they were extremely low due to my homelife,” Morgan says.

Over the next two years, Morgan drifted without any real purpose to her life. It was through a social worker that she learned about Morley College. She was eager to find independence in life and knew education was the road towards it.

Morgan started Morley’s Restart Programme at North Kensington early 2021. Restart is a free 10 week programme for 16-18 year olds, which aims to help students learn more about themselves and gain confidence along the way. They also achieve a qualification and work to improve their English and maths skills. 

Getting back into schooling “at first it was a bit strange, there was a lot of anxiety around it – but once I got settled … I’m doing quite well and I know I’m doing quite well. I just get on with the work, I come in on time every day,” Morgan says.

“I like Morley College, they are very friendly and they are more supportive of me than my primary school or secondary school,” Morgan says.

Now based in Islington, Morgan travels to Morley College in North Kensington three days a week for her studies. 

She is now looking to complete her BTEC Public Services qualification at Morley College and become a firefighter. Morgan is a Fire Cadet in Islington and discovered that it’s something she would like to make a career out of: “ “It’s a very practical job, it’s hands on and I like that.”

Morgan says being a firefighter was a very demanding job and expects it may take a few years – including a few rejections – to get there, but “as long as I stay on track, I know I can get there”.