When & Where

Quick Facts

  • Availability Yes
  • Tutor Robert Smith
  • Course Code W24HMSH08A
  • Suitable For 19 year olds and up are permitted on this course

What you will learn

The history of the Port of London from the Romans to the present day. The course looks at the growth of the Port of London from the quays by the river by London Bridge to the modern container facilities in the Thames Estuary

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the significance of the Port of London in London's history
  • Know where to look for the heritage buildings built for the Port of London
  • Understand the impact of the Port of London on the diversity of London
  • Use maps to find locations of London's docks
  • Know how the Port of London operates today

Class format and activities

Discussion , films , presentations, looking at pictures and maps

Entry requirements

No particular requirements other than an interest in London history. An reasonable comprehension of English language is desirable

What you need to know before you enrol

Please let your tutor know if you have any particular seating or lighting or mobility concerns.

What you need

You may find it useful to make your own notes so bring a notebook – actual or digital

What you can do next

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