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Language of the Month – Chinese Taster

We are so pleased to share with you that our Language of the Month series is returning with a range of events, online content and interviews to inspire you. Let us release the linguist in you as we discover the plethora of Languages on offer at Morley!

Join us on 27 January for our Chinese Taster session at the Oasis Academy.

This course will introduce some traditional Chinese festivals, namely Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival.
It will focus on what activities are undertaken and what foods are eaten at Spring Festival, with a video showing how to make a dish traditionally served at Spring Festival. There will be a brief explanation of the origin of some Chinese characters from pictograms and their development to modern Chinese characters. You will be introduced some characters and then quizzed on your recognition of them. Finally, you will learn the pronunciation of the five tones used in the Chinese language and a few basic greetings.

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