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Morley Winter Fair – Waterloo Centre

Join us at the Morley College annual Winter Fair where you can pick up unique handcrafted gifts for Christmas, enjoy live performances and demonstrations and take part in taster sessions happening throughout the day. Have a glass of mulled wine and pick up a mince pie!

Taster Sessions

We will be running a number of tasters to excite and inspire you! Interested in taking up a subject for the New Year? All tasters are 30 minutes to 1-hour sessions and are £5.00 each unless otherwise stated.

Taster or PerformanceTimeTaster or Performance Information
Flamenco Fiesta Performance 12:30 – 13:00Flamenco Fiesta Performance: swirling skirts, clacking castanets, flying shawls, twirling fans, stamping feet and clapping hands – Morley Flamenco Dance Ensemble and Morley Flamenco Dancers accompanied by Fenella Juanita (their teacher) and singer / guitarist, Juan Giraldo.
Flamenco Taster13:00 -13:30Flamenco Taster – a chance to study the basics of Flamenco dance technique and use this knowledge to learn a short rumba Flamenca dance to a popular Flamenco Christmas Carol. Book Here
Belly Dancing13:00 -14:00Belly dance Workshop – to provide a basic introduction and taster session in the art of Belly dance. Book Here
Piano Taster11:30 -12:30Learn the keyboard basics and learn to play a tune by the end of the session. Book Here
Japanese Festive Card Making11:30 -12:30Christmas cards making with Japanese characters and decorative papers. Making Christmas cards with seasonal Japanese characters in front and decorate with Japanese papers. You will also learn how to write your name in Japanese. Book Here
Rhythm Tap 4 11:30/12:30/13:30
(5-Minute Performances)
Rhythm Tap 4 (Advanced) piece. Suitable for more experienced tap-dancers wanting to further refine and improve skills and explore the new rhythms and techniques of rhythm tap.
Rhythm Tap 114:00 – 15:00Rhythm Tap 1 (Complete Beginners) A chance to learn new steps and sequences through the creativity, playfulness and musicality of rhythm tap.
Silk Screen13:00 – 14:00Try out Silkscreen printing using a paper stencil with tutor and take away a seasonal card. Book Here
Folk Choir and Solo Folk Singing14:00 – 15:00Folk Choir and Solo Folk acapella performance.
Bookbinding14:00 – 15:00Make concertina books using the surrealist idea of collaborative drawings where one person starts a drawing, folds the paper and passes it on. You will turn the drawings into concertina books and each person will have a book to take home. Book Here
Moving Sculpture12:00 – 14:00Various Automata for people to look at and play with and will be showing people how to make a small automaton with household scrap materials.
Morley Choral SocietyShort performance of seasonal Christmas festive songs by the Morley Choral Society, conducted by the tutor, Jack Stone.
Studio Photography12:00 – 14:00A great opportunity to experience a studio photography set-up and have your photograph taken in a festive spirit. You will also have the chance to photograph a friend, or family member if you wish, and to experience how it feels to be a photographer. Book Here