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Remake or Remodel Workshop – Part of Morley’s Sustainability Week 2022

About The Course 

Do you have a garment at home that you do not wear much because its not ‘quite right’ and you’d like to re-fashion or repurpose it?

Are you a hoarder of garments that you have been meaning to tweak and re-style but never had the time?

Have you ever wanted to do the freestyle challenge on TV’s ‘the sewing bee’ and create something new from an existing garment? 

Learning Objectives: 

By the end of the class you will be able to:

  • Transform an entire existing garment into something completely different or change a few elements to make it more enjoyable to wear. 
  • Use the overlocker for basic rapid shape alteration and hemming 
  • Use a variety sewing machine skills to alter the look/shape/fit of a garment 
  • Take away ideas as to how other garments in your wardrobe could be radically altered 
  • Experiment with ideas and processes. 
  • Design using a studio mannequin 

Entry Requirements

  • Students will bring at least one garment which they would like to ‘remake/remodel’. This may be combined with another ‘unwanted’ garment or embellished with trimmings and/or other pieces of fabric which the student may bring.
  • Students will be required to know the basic fundamentals of how to use a sewing machine.
  • Hand sewing experience also useful. 
  • Unleash your desire to experiment and allow unexpected things to happen which is all part of the creative process!