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The Engine Room Presents

The Engine Room presents: Kate Carr, whose body is this, and Colin Thelermont for an evening of experimental music and sound. Immerse yourself in a night of intimate soundscapes, pulsating synths, live visuals, and sonic innovation that pushes at the boundaries of sound art and music.

Kate Carr’s practice is focused on the textures and technologies entangled with field recording. She creates intimate, delicate and hybrid soundworlds which centre the interactions and collectivity which generate soundscapes. Everything from vibrations caused by cars and footfalls, to overheard murmurs, public speeches, music in public space, and the roar of distant sporting events has found its way into her compositions, and live performances. Her work has been featured on BBC radio, The New York Times and The New Yorker among many other places, and she regularly performs in the UK and Internationally.

She is also the duo Rubbish Music and runs the label Flaming Pines.


whose body is this is the proxy for Ben Mason’s music and other sound-related things. currently, they operate on the border between techno and other dance musics, and ‘experimental’ music in the lineage of computer music, all of which can be found on their Bandcamp page.

whose’s most recent interest has been an adaptation of Curtis Roads’ Pulsar Synthesis in Pure Data and it’s interaction with machine learning and neural networks, “allowing the machine to decide”.

whose’s last project was “Grub’s Laptop Remix”, a full remix of Spookduke’s “Grub’s Laptop Tracks” album, completed in Max/MSP ppooll, accompanied by an ‘acid soaked’ visualiser, made in Jitter. it approaches the idea of a remix through a lens of thick irony, paired with genuine admiration for the source material and the aim to explore digital sonic textures, formed from existing material rooted in a plethora of popular genres.

shortly before, they released “Future Acid 2000”, an exploration of chaotic and unstable digital systems using Pd, initiating an interest in the intersection between techno, acid, and more contemporary experimental aesthetics. the scripts are available on Github.

Colin Thelermont is an artist based in London whose work often combines sound and visual practice.