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Women’s History Month Bazaar for Women and Girls’ Education

In 1889, Emma Cons founded Morley Memorial College for Working Men and Women, the first institution of its kind to admit both genders on an equal footing. Social reformer and suffragette, Emma Cons strongly advocated for Women’s Rights and lifelong educational opportunities for diverse communities. Today, Morley College is a proud educator of women and girls from across the world.

This Women’s History Month, the North Kensington Essential Skills department is hosting a Bazaar on Tuesday 21st March to commemorate this history and celebrate girls’ right to education. There will be music, food & drinks, arts and much more! Children welcome.

100% of money raised at the Bazaar will be donated to the Malala Fund. Malala Fund invests in education advocates and activists who are challenging the policies and practices that prevent girls from going to school in their communities.

Where your money goes when you support Malala Fund