Advanced Learner Loans : Expand Your Horizons

If you’ve been reevaluating your professional goals and feel ready to make a change, Morley can help you achieve those key qualifications and climb a new, exciting career ladder in a wide range of creative and vocational subjects.  

We understand that adult learners face various challenges when considering studying for a career change – not least the potential impact on family, work and finances. That’s why you can get a recognised qualification at the end of each year of your journey with Morley, giving you the freedom to adjust your goals alongside your life.

If you need financial support that does not depend on your income and is not subject to credit checks, you can fund your adult education journey at Morley with an Advanced Learner Loan. Morley College London offers affordable and accessible funding for eligible Level 3-6 qualifications, so you can take your next steps with confidence.

We’re committed to making adult education as accessible as possible so you can achieve your goals. If you choose an Advanced Learner Loan, you won’t have to pay any of it back until you’ve started earning over the repayment threshold for your plan. You’ll be able to comfortably build the repayments into your budget as you enjoy the benefits of climbing the career ladder!

When any outstanding balance is automatically written depends on your repayment plan, so you won’t be repaying it forever. And if you take an Advanced Learner Loan to fund a Level 3 Access to HE Diploma, and then go on to complete a degree in the same subject, the balance of your loan will be written off.

Ready to make a fresh start in 2021? Take a look at our eligible courses and enquire now.