Featured: crèche services at Morley 

Designed to cater to the needs of parents pursuing education, Morley’s crèche provides high-quality onsite childcare for children aged between 15 months and 5 years, both at North Kensington and Waterloo. 

Key workers play a pivotal role in monitoring and recording the individual development of each child, aligning with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) requirements, not only fostering growth but also aiding in planning for each child’s future steps. 

Crèche services at Waterloo 

This year, the Waterloo Centre’s newly-refurbished crèche has been a nurturing environment for 40 children, offering up to 4 hours a day of enriching activities and care. 

“I love coming to work I enjoy interacting with the children and it is so rewarding when I see the children progress with their language skills. The Crèche team are very caring and supportive.” – Majlinda Gashi, Crèche Practitioner. 

A practical learning ground 

The crèche also serves as a practical learning ground for childcare students, offering placements and volunteering opportunities. This integration of theoretical knowledge with practical experience not only benefits the students but also enriches the overall environment of the crèche. 

The crèche offers students work experience to the childcare students. This is a fantastic way for students to gain industry experience at the college. The work experience involves observing and gaining valuable learning on the best practice for children. Janice Ehtash, Crèche Manager, is an assessor for the level 2 and 3 Childcare and Teaching Assisting course offered at Morley.  

Promoting Health and Safety 

Ensuring the well-being of the children in our care is paramount. From providing nutritious snacks to maintaining stringent safety protocols, every aspect is meticulously managed. Trained staff equipped with First Aid, Safeguarding, and Food Hygiene certifications oversee the children’s activities, while thorough records are maintained to accommodate individual health and dietary needs. 

The team doesn’t just stop at physical health, but extends its care to emotional and social well-being. Through various activities and play experiences, children are encouraged to understand personal safety, hygiene, and emotions, fostering holistic development. 

Creating safe spaces 

In addition to physical safety, the crèche ensures protection from harm and neglect through vigilant staff trained in recognising signs of abuse or neglect. Regular training sessions and collaborations with external agencies ensure that the crèche remains up-to-date with the latest initiatives and best practices. 

The integration of speech, language, and autism training underscores the crèche’s commitment to addressing diverse needs. By fostering positive relationships with parents/carers and offering personalised support, the crèche becomes a place where every child’s potential can flourish. 

Fostering growth and community 

Every child is encouraged to enjoy their journey of learning and development. Through individualised attention, children not only achieve their milestones but also develop a love for learning. The positive behaviour approach influences confidence and a sense of belonging, laying a strong foundation for future success. 

The crèche extends its impact beyond its walls by fostering supportive networks among parents and engaging with the wider community. By promoting personal responsibility and inclusivity, the crèche empowers children to become confident learners ready to excel in their life. 

“I am very happy with everyone working here, they are very kind and nice to me and my baby thanks to all of you and the nice job that you are doing.” Dounia Essalui Sophie (student) 

Efficient organisation and continuous improvement 

Behind the operation of the crèche is a team committed to organisational excellence. Regular staff supervision, training, and evaluation ensures that the crèche maintains its high standards and adapts to evolving needs. 

Morley’s crèche service provides support and empowerment for students who are parents. By providing high-quality childcare, fostering a safe and nurturing environment and promoting holistic development, the crèche enriches the lives of children and families. This embodies the values of inclusivity, excellence, and community that define Morley College London. 

If you would like to find out more, please contact Janice Ehtash, Crèche Manager. 

Email: Janice.ehtash@morleycollege.ac.uk,  

Phone: 0207 450 1841  

or submit you expression of interest here.