Featured: Music at North Kensington 

Morley’s North Kensington Centre for Skills is excited to debut its vibrant Music programme this year, joining a proud Morley musical tradition that dates back to Gustav Holst’s tenure as Director of Music and before. 

Embracing the beat of the city, new classes resonate with innovation and opportunity, offering a platform for students to explore, create, and thrive in the dynamic world of music. 

These courses include Pearson BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Music Industry Skills and BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Music Performance or Production where students can dive into the world of music.  

Luke Lount – Programme Area Manager for Music in North Kensington – gave us insights into the programme, the facilities and future opportunities in W10.   

Q: What sets apart the music education experience at the North Kensington Centre for Skills from other institutions?  

Luke: We offer our students specialist tuition in brand new, custom-built facilities with a tailored approach to learning. Due to our smaller class sizes, we can offer a more customised experience to our learners, offering them a range of internal and external opportunities to help them pursue their goals.   

Q: What types of facilities and resources are available?  

Luke: Students have access to first class facilities at NK. Our custom-built recording studio is industry-standard and features three independent live rooms that can be connected to allow for the live capture of a diverse range of performances. The Mac production and composition studio is designed to be a working space for artists and producers, offering new equipment and a station per student. Finally, the rehearsal rooms are a specially designed workspace suitable for performance and live sound. Students at NK also have access to Morley Radio’s studios as well as the brand new Main Hall for performances. 

Q: Could you elaborate on any special initiatives that are integrated into the curriculum?  

Luke: NK offers a variety of special programmes, workshops, and masterclasses to enrich students’ learning experiences. These include coveted work placements at renowned studios like Threesixzero Studios and Sony Records, backstage access at Opera Holland Park and the National Theatre, mentorship through Creative Networks, and exposure to industry-active lecturers.  

Q: How does collaboration play a role in the music programme at NK?  

Luke: Collaboration is central to NK’s music programme, fostering interdisciplinary engagement and practical learning. Production students work closely with performers, recording and mixing compositions, while performers create music for producers. Furthermore, students are encouraged to collaborate across different subject areas, exploring the multifaceted nature of music.  

Q: What career pathways can graduates of the music programme expect?  

Luke: While it’s early to predict specific career pathways, graduates of NK’s music programme are equipped with practical skills and industry insights, priming them for diverse careers in performance, production, composition, and beyond. Their education and experiential learning pave the way for a harmonious future in the realm of music.  

Student experiences within the programme 

Malachi and Ramon are two students who are currently enrolled in the music programme at NK. They both spoke about their experience in the course, what caught their eye and advice for future students.   

What drew you to the course?   

Malachi: “I have had a passion for music for a long time. It is around my family who have been involved in music for a long time. My dad, brother and uncle are all musicians. I guess it is the history of my family making music that made me want to start making music.”  

Ramon: “I have always wanted to do something within music. When I was younger I participated in a lot of different musical activities, although I never took it further. London is a city where there are lots of creative activities and I just wanted to go for it.”  

What is your favourite part of the course?   

Malachi: “I am a producer and love beat making. I love creating my own beat with drums, bass and experimenting with different genres.” 

Ramon: “The studio and the sound engineering. All of the desk, how the tech side of things works. It is great to have these professional faculties to use throughout the programme.” 

Any advice for further students?   

Malachi: “Don’t be afraid to try all different aspects of music. Try not to narrow yourself down to one thing; there is so much out there and you never know what you might end up loving. You don’t have to be the biggest artist, there are so many different types of roles.”  

Ramon: “Do your research on a programme. You don’t need to know exactly what you want to do but it is always good to shop around for a programme that suits you.”  

Join us!  

Start exploring and creating with Morley’s North Kensington-based Music provision…find your musical talent in the lively beat of North Kensington, where every sound is full of promise. Dream big, make music, and inspire others at NK where music and skill come together to shape your future. 

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