Green Hoardings Crowdfunding Appeal

Please support Morley’s first ever crowdfund!

We are crowdfunding to support our second summer gardening project at the North Kensington Centre.

Following the success of the Morley Heart Gardens project last summer, we are about to start a new gardening project, to green the hoardings that protect the Centre as redevelopment works get underway.

Working again with Tayshan Hayden-Smith, CEO of Grow2Know and a group of Restart learners at the Centre, our new summer project will start on July 19 and run through to August 20.

Our crowdfund campaign runs from July 5 – 26 and aims to raise £4,000 to support Tayshan and our participating students to buy plants and equipment to use for the project. Click the link to go straight to our campaign page.

Every pound donated will be matched with 50p from Morley, and if you give £10 you can sponsor a plant and have your name on a green ribbon attached to it. All donations of £50 and above will have a permanent name credit in the Morley Heart Gardens, which will be fully restored once the development works have completed.

Please support the campaign by sharing it with your friends, neighbours and colleagues. All donations will be very gratefully received and will be a major boost to the project.

Special thanks to the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation’s Greenshoots Fund who have generously supported the project.