The enrolment options available to you depend upon the nature of the course in which you are interested. The course description page will guide you in through the process but here are a few guidelines to help explain.

If you see an ‘Enrol now’ button

For the vast majority of unaccredited courses where you are paying the full or a concessionary fee, you can simply enrol online. Find the course you are interested in and click ‘Enrol now.’ If you have not previously registered and account on our website, you will be required to do so first. If you have, please log in with your personal email and proceed to the enrolment form. The form will walk you through the process and will complete upon receipt of payment.

If you are unable to enrol online, we are offer a limited telephone enrolment service during the hours listed below. You will be able to enrol and pay for your course, including setting up a staged payment structure for courses over £300, by speaking to a member of staff.

Please note: we are currently unable to offer staged payments via our e-commerce enrolments platform for short courses. This is due to a technical fault. We are working hard to fix it and hope to be able to offer this option again soon.

Enrolment by telephone

Call us on 020 7450 1889
Term start: 9:30 to 17:00; Monday to Friday*
All other times: 14:00 to 16:00; Monday to Friday
Please have the course code and your credit/debit card ready when you call.

*Phone enrolment hours are expanded during the first 2 weeks of the Autumn term, and the first week of the Spring and Summer terms. Term dates are available here.

If you see an ‘Apply now’ button

The process for a substantial accredited course requires a formal application, which must be submitted via our website. Once you submit your application, a member of our Central Admissions Team will contact you. We will set up an interview with the tutor and work with you to gather everything we need to get you fully enrolled. This tailored service will also support you to make sure you are fully aware of how you can fund your course and advise on any financial support for which you might be eligible for.

If you see a ‘Register interest’ button

Some courses require tutor approval before enrolment can be completed. This is usually due to the level of experience required to attend these courses. Clicking the ‘Register interest’ button puts you in touch with the relevant department, which will contact you as soon as possible to discuss whether the course is right for you. If approval is granted you will be put in touch with our Enrolment Team to complete the enrolment.

We have specific arrangements in place for our ESOL, English, Maths and ICT courses. Please visit the Essential Skills page for more details.