Jazz at Morley 2024

Morley College’s Jazz Series is back! Curated by Flavio Li Vigni and 2024/25 artist-in-residence Robert Mitchell.

Join us the first three Fridays of May for incredible jazz concerts. Plus, an open interview at 18:00 where artists discuss their favourite albums. Don’t miss out!

Friday 3 May 2024 7:30pm

Double Concert: Zayn Mohammed and Shirley Smart Trio

Zayn Mohammed’s “Progressive Sounds of The Heart” – A melodic and harmonic exploration of both the ancient and the modern via a multitude of strings including, guitar, Ud and Rebab.

Shirley Smart’s trio draws on a rich tapestry of musical influences drawn from 10 years spent living in Jerusalem in the overlapping worlds of North African, Arabic, Balkan music and jazz.  

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Friday 10 May 2024 7:30pm

Double Concert: Maya Keys Solo Flute and Robert Mitchell’s True Think

Maya Keys performs two contemporary pieces based on a Native American god Kokopelli by the Hopi tribe (United States) and another contemporary piece based on Japanese flute motifs with a familiar appearance by Bach’s Partita in la minor for solo flute, come take a journey through time and space! 

Newly-appointed artist-in-residence Robert Mitchell’s True Think is a multi-generational, multi-cultural reflection of several periods of the pianist’s journey. They perform the music from their new recording encompassing powerful songs of protest, love and peace blending electronic, jazz, RnB, spoken word, film and folk. 

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Friday 17 May 2024 7:30PM

Georgia Mancio Trio

Multi-award-winning jazz vocalist, lyricist and producer, Georgia Mancio, is a supreme storyteller, creating work of authenticity, adventure, beauty and bite. Whether interpreting her own luminous originals or  standards, Georgia’s evoking performances connect deeply with her audiences and linger long in the mind.  Book here.

More content on Morley Radio

Tune in from 6.00pm on Morley Radio before each show to listen to live interview recordings of the performers discussing their most influential Jazz records.

Listen to an interview with Artist-in-Residence Robert Mitchell here: