Mental Health Awareness month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time dedicated to shining a light on mental health issues, reducing stigma, and promoting wellbeing for all.  

At Morley, we are committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where mental health is prioritised and celebrated.  

Breaking down barriers 

Mental health is a crucial aspect of our overall wellbeing, affecting how we think, feel and act. It influences how we handle stress, relate to others and make choices.  

This month, we have organised a series of special events and activities designed to engage our community, raise awareness, and support mental health initiatives. 

By raising awareness and promoting mental health education, we can help break down the barriers that prevent people from seeking the support they need. Our events this month aim to create a safe space for discussions about mental health, encourage positive practices, and provide opportunities for creative expression. 

Playing for mental health 

Earlier this month, our very own musicians from the Advanced Chamber Music class provided the opening act for a mental health awareness series at Guy’s Hospital.

Breathe Arts Health Research – an innovative organisation dedicated to transforming healthcare and improving patient outcomes through the integration of creative arts into health and wellbeing practices – is hosting a programme which involves lunchtime performances at the hospital for patients, families and staff to enjoy.

The musicians played an array of their favourite music which attracted the crowd. The atmosphere was uplifting as they played their instruments including piano, flute and clarinet.  

“Breathe Arts Health Research have been bringing music and other performing arts into Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals for over 10 years. Our weekly Lunchtime Performances take place in public areas of the hospitals, encouraging staff, patients and visitors to take a moment out of their day to pause and recharge. We were really pleased to welcome wonderful musicians from Morley to begin a month of activity for Mental Health Awareness Month this May.” Said Becky Harrison, Engagement & Support Officer, Guy’s and St Thomas’, Breathe Arts Health Research. 

Check out the schedule for all of our performances this May & June 

HND Photography Collaborative Project: Wellbeing in Focus 

Our HND Photography students are working on an inspiring collaborative project under the theme of Wellbeing. They have chosen to support the Mental Health Foundation, an organisation dedicated to ensuring everyone has access to good mental health assistance.  

Event Details: 

  • Date: Wednesday 22 May & Thursday 23 May 
  • Location: Photographic Studio, Chelsea Centre for Creative Industries
  • Participation: Individuals are invited to have their portrait taken. Participants should bring a cherished possession that contributes to their wellbeing. 

As part of the project, each participant will receive a portrait and a diptych featuring their portrait alongside their cherished possession. These photographs will be showcased in a slideshow presentation at the end of year show.

A suggested donation of £5.00 will be sent to the Mental Health Foundation charity. This initiative not only highlights the importance of mental wellbeing but also supports a meaningful cause. 

Book your spot here!

Mindful Morley  

Mindful Morley is a podcast that explores our wellbeing. In this series, we talk to people about their thoughts and beliefs about living life well, what they do to relax, and any techniques they use to help approach life’s challenges.  

Special guests on the show include Morley Radio’s very own Camilo Salazar, Emma Mills, Julie Quinn and many more.

Mindful Morley is not just a Mental Health Awareness month podcast, it runs throughout the year. Although this week you can catch the podcast at 2pm every day!

You can find the latest episodes here.  

Switching off in the library 

The Waterloo Library is hosting a series of quiet activities to mark Mental Health Awareness Week. These activities are designed to provide a peaceful and relaxing environment, promoting mental wellbeing through mindful engagement. 

Activities Include: 

  • Jigsaws 
  • Scrabble 
  • Solitaire 
  • Knitting 
  • Sewing 

These activities offer a perfect opportunity to unwind and enjoy some quiet time, fostering a sense of calm and relaxation. 

Let’s work together to promote mental wellbeing, support each other and create a culture where everyone feels valued and understood.