Morley Radio Celebrates Fifth Birthday

Today Morley Radio turns 5!  Over five fantastic years the community radio station and podcasting production house has moved centre stage in Morley College London’s lifelong learning offer – providing our students with state of the art audio production studios at Waterloo, North Kensington and Chelsea.   

Education Through Podcasting Conference

This week Morley Radio hosted a ground-breaking academic conference at our Waterloo Centre with academics traveling to Morley from all over the world.

Academics and podcasters presented papers on the history of podcasting, the latest theories of learning through podcasting and best education practice in podcasting as a tool for learning.   The conference heard how Morley’s ESOL students use podcasting to overcome barriers and enhance engagement in learning English.  

Audio Production Awards Partnership

To celebrate five years of Morley Radio, we are pleased to announce a second year of partnership with the Audio Production Awards, this year sponsoring the 2024 Grassroots Production Award – underlining our commitment to developing grassroots podcasting talent.  

Sampling Competition

A new “Sampling Cardew” competition is also launched today — where musicians and composers are able to sample works by former Morley tutor Cornelius Cardew – 5 years after the successful Sampling Holst competition was launched.  

For information on how to enter the competition visit The Engine Room website

A growing success story

Morley Radio is a pioneering audio for education enhance the experience of students by building their networks and creating a platform for peer-to-peer learning.  

The community radio station and podcast production house has built Morley’s connections with local communities.   Flagship shows include The Strangers of Dub,  Art Cast, The Maximum Reinhardt Show and podcasts such as Morley Prize Podcast and Powered by You (in partnership with RBKC)

Morley Radio and the Performers of Morley

Time to sit back, listen and enjoy!  This summer Morley Radio is playing a pivotal role in the college’s summer campaign The Performers of Morley which highlights the achievements of dancers, musicians and other performers across the college.