Morley College London has launched a range of courses to help build numeracy skills and confidence – for everyday life.

What is Multiply?

Multiply is the new government-funded programme to help adults improve their numeracy skills and confidence.

Why does numeracy matter?

Research shows that building your numeracy skills can unlock job opportunities, lead to a higher salary, and prepare you for further study. But numeracy skills also help in everyday life, in budgeting for the home, in supporting you through the cost of living crisis, and in helping support children or grandchildren.

Who is eligible for Multiply?

If you are over 19, live in London and don’t have a Level 2 (grade 4 or C) in maths then you are eligible to enrol on a free Multiply course.

What can you study?

There are lots of opportunities at Morley to build your numeracy skills through Multiply. We have courses from beginners right up to GCSE level qualifications in maths.  But there are many subjects which include maths within them (an understanding of measurement, distance, weight, angles, time, calendars, costs, etc…) and we want you to have the numeracy skills and confidence to help you develop your subject expertise. And we are developing a free cost-of-living workshop for everyone to help tackle the rising costs that we all face.

  • M1: Make the change… and join a new course or additional classes in your subject area.
  • M2: Match your interests… and sign up for free classes*in Languages, Dance, ESOL, English, Community Learning, Sewing, Nutrition, Budgeting, Events Management, Homework Clubs, Supported Learning and many more.
  • M3: Map your skills… and take the Numeracy Challenge
  • M4: Manage your money… free regular workshops for all students to help manage day-to-day finances.

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