New Course for Music Educators launches January 2019

Morley College London’s new Certificate for Music Educators (CME) course is launching in January 2019.

Validated by Trinity College London and specifically designed for music educators who work with children and young people, the course is a Level 4 Foundation Certificate that will be open to musicians who work for Music Education Hubs, community music leaders, and private music teachers.

The course is open for late applications until 18 January 2019.

The one-year course will consist of six workshop days spread across the year, online support, observations, and a mentoring programme. A special focus of the course will be developing and promoting inclusion in music education and developing the skills of those who may work with children and young people in challenging circumstances. Workshop leaders include Graham Dowdall and Phil Mullen, both leading practitioners in the field of community music making and passionate advocates for inclusive practices in music education.

The course has been created by CME London, a consortium partnership between Morley, a leading academic institution with a flagship music department; Sound Connections, a music education charity with a strategic role to support music education in London; and the Musicians’ Union (MU), a globally-respected organisation which represents over 30,000 musicians working in all sectors of the music business.

Peter Collyer, Head of Music and Performing Arts at Morley College London, said: “this is an important initiative which will create an invaluable community of learning in Central London to enhance music education across the capital. Here at Morley we are very proud to be collaborating with Sound Connections and the MU in a way that will have a very positive impact on inclusion and participation, by supporting musicians in the development of the wider skills they need to be educators.”

Philip Flood, Director at Sound Connections, said: “inclusion is at the centre of everything we undertake at Sound Connections, and so we are delighted to be part of a new training offer which puts musically inclusive practice at the very centre of its approach.”

For more information about CME London, how to apply, and course information, click here.

Morley College London’s new Certificate for Music Educators (CME) course is launching in January 2019.

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