Send us your Postcards from Waterloo! Unique memory project extends deadline

Postcards from Waterloo, is a unique, community-based artistic memory project. It is still looking for submissions and can now accept entries until mid-February. Working with our developer partner, HB Reavis, students’ work will be commissioned and feature in an exhibition in July 2023 accompanied by a book featuring their work.

Share your memories of Waterloo

With Morley College London the landmark that it is, we would urge everyone – students, tutors, staff – to commit your stories and memories to paper! You can submit your memories here (or at the bottom of this page) for the chance to have it immortalised as a work of art by a Morley College London student.

From words to images

The traditional description of a portrait is a painting, photograph, sculpture, or other artistic representation of a person, in which the face and its expressions are predominant. The intent is to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of the person… This project switches up this traditional view, taking a person’s words and memories as the basis for a work of art. The art will be created using different media – found art, collage, objects as well as more traditional materials – creating a truly unique piece that best articulates the spirit of the person’s memory.

Pilot phase

The pilot phase of the project, based on Cyril Johnson who worked at Elizabeth House for over 20 years, is now complete. Thanks to Studio Long, with Morley College London tutor Stephen K Wright supporting, Victoria Long completed her portrait of Cyril. Inspired by his journey to work, the Leake Street Arches and the international crowds he has watched pass through Waterloo Station, Cyril’s portrait reflects the passing of time, and his memories of the area.

This is a wonderful project to be involved in. The open nature of the brief focusing on our community and their memories make it a truly creative endeavour. I am delighted that Morley College London students get to work on capturing these local stories at such a unique point in time as Waterloo undergoes radical transformation into a new business, social and cultural hub.”

Brendan Murphy, Programme Area Manager – Drawing & Painting, Art History & UAL Art Foundation,and Project Manager, Postcards from Waterloo,

The full project brief for Morley Students will be launched at the end of February. More information about the project, as well as submission information, can be found here.

More about Stephen K Wright – Fine Art tutor, Morley College London

Steve is a tutor in Visual Arts, specialising in Painting and Drawing. He has taught at Morley for over a decade, developing courses that range from Drawing for Beginners to Advanced Painting. He studied painting at Wimbledon School of Art and Newcastle University, completing an MA in 2001. Steve maintains his own studio practice and you can see examples of his work via his website.

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