Student Showcase makes its debut

Morley is proud to launch a new area on the website specifically designed to showcase student work.

Our new ‘Student Showcase’ feature allows students to display their projects, artworks, and creative endeavours, acting as a broader platform to share their talents beyond physical exhibitions.

The new feature launches as we up the volume on our 2024 “Artists of Morley” campaign, which aims to highlight the diverse and exceptional work produced by students across various disciplines at Morley.

By leveraging the power of the updated website, the campaign aims to bring greater visibility to the creativity and hard work of our students, celebrating their achievements and inspiring others. 

Find our new showcase

You can find the Student Showcase on the main page of the college website above ‘Our centres’.  

You can find it here!  

Highlights on launch

Highlights of our End of Year shows feature prominently in this first iteration of Student Showcase, with a focus on student work and the stories behind it. The page showcases the following areas: 

Coming soon…

Our Student Showcase will be updated when there is new work to showcase, and our aim is to expand it to different areas around the college, beyond visual arts.  

Morley students keen to get their work featured can reach out to the web team.

The evolving Morley website, with its new student showcase feature and the Artists of Morley campaign, is a step forward in promoting and celebrating student work.

It provides a valuable platform for students to share their achievements, supports the college’s mission to nurture and highlight talent, and is important for future students to understand the potential and opportunities available at Morley College London.