Student Spotlight: Kate Chittenden

We asked Kate Chittenden, former printmaking student, how her course and time at Morley has led her to a new career path.

‘In January 2016 my daughter gifted me a 6 week course at Morley College, Printmaking – Beginners Plus led by tutor David Holah. As an absolute beginner in printmaking I loved the classes and learnt so many techniques in this stimulating and encouraging environment. The classes were inspirational, challenging and so well taught, and I have continued to attend ever since, whenever possible.’

‘At the beginning of 2018 I was introduced to the Learning Team at Watts Gallery Artists’ Village, near Guildford, who run a valuable Art for All programme which delivers creative workshops, engaging with and reflecting the diversity of the community.

Based on the work I’d created at Morley, they offered me a position as a freelance artist, specialising in printmaking, and since then I have led multiple workshops, working with a diverse range of groups in the community:

  • Recovering addicts
  • Young ex-homeless
  • Young Carers
  • Vulnerable pupils who benefit from time out of mainstream school
  • Parents of children with additional needs
  • Women in prison
  • Adults with learning disabilities
  • Elderly people, some with dementia

I also lead drop-in workshops for individuals and families to have fun and learn new skills together. All these workshops are challenging but enjoyable both for me and the participants, it is such a satisfying, worthwhile job.’


‘Thanks to David’s Printmaking courses at Morley College I now have this new career path, and am able to pass on my learning to the many participants that I work with at Watts Gallery Artists’ Village.’

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We asked Kate Chittenden, Morley printmaking student, how her course and time at Morley has led her to a new career path.

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