Morley’s kaleidoscope: life at the Waterloo Centre

We’ve spent the past month reflecting on life at the Waterloo Centre for Adult Education, following a similar focus on North Ken and Chelsea late last year. Here are some of the highlights…

Find your passion (aka Waterloo: The Movie)

The Waterloo Centre is renowned for its varied and expansive short course offer, giving Londoners almost limitless opportunities to upskill, reskill and enjoy learning with likeminded souls.

We’ve been releasing short clips that showcase some of that variety…you can watch a 5-minute supercut here, fondly known as Waterloo: the Movie

Life after Morley: 8 minutes with actor Johnny Harris

Actor Johnny Harris – star of current ITV hit drama series Original Sin – started out on his journey as an actor at the Waterloo Centre. Find out how he’s still involved in supporting the next generation of Morley alumni by listening to this short Morley Radio interview:

The Coral Reef: a reflection on visual arts at Waterloo

Sara Robertson-Jonas is Head of Visual Arts at the Waterloo Centre for Adult Education; in this article she sums up the variety of her department’s offer.

I use the image of a coral reef to capture the intricate, beautiful, finely designed and well-constructed community of interrelated disciplines and activities operating at all levels from beginner to post-graduate.

Sara Robertson-Jonas, Head of Visual Arts, Waterloo Centre for Adult Education

Crèche now open

Courtesy of Morley Radio, spend some time ‘in the company of’ Janice Ehtash, manager of the newly-opened Waterloo Centre crèche:

Coming up at Waterloo…

Our Open Evening from 5pm on 9 February is a great opportunity to find out more about the Waterloo Centre. Click here to reserve your spot.

(If you’re interested specifically in Textiles, you can attend a Textiles Foundation Open Evening on 28 February.)

We’re really proud of our events and exhibitions programme at Waterloo, and February has plenty to keep you entertained…

A proud history

We’ve been educating adults at Waterloo for a very long time…throughout January we’ve been looking back at the history of Morley, and you can still view the exhibition by enquiring at the Waterloo Centre Library and Resources Centre. Here’s a course listing from 1897 showing that – even in its early days – Morley was committed to giving Londoners valuable educational experiences: