English and maths

Most employers and universities ask for a minimum of GCSE grade 4/C in English and maths.

Why are English and maths important?

A good level of English and maths helps you with real-life skills, from communicating more effectively to having a better understanding of your finances. Furthermore, English and maths are actually good for you! Studies show these subjects are linked to better physical and mental health and a longer life.

Employment: good GCSE grades in English and maths could earn add around £2,000 more a year more to your salary

University: good GCSE grades in English and maths could help you get a place at the university of your choice.

Will I have to study English and maths as part of my course?

I’ve got English and/or maths at grade:

9- 4 (A-C) or Functional Skills at Level 2 – You won’t need to do any additional English and maths, but you will do some independent learning.

2 or 3 (D-E) or Functional Skills at Level 1 – You’ll study on a GCSE course and aim for at least a grade 4 or Functional Skills at Level 2.

1 (F-G) or Entry Level Functional Skills – You’ll study Functional Skills English and maths at a level that’s right for you, with the aim of developing your knowledge and skills. This will prepare you for progression to GCSE.