Design @ Chelsea

Create visual languages

You’ll collaborate, play creatively and learn the language of visual communication to tell your own unique story.

Join our growing community of creatives

Immerse yourself in a community of designers at the Chelsea Centre to explore ideas and learn from each other’s stories.

Design pathways

We support and enable you to grow the necessary skills and knowledge around the different pathways of design within:

  • Fashion
  • Graphics
  • Illustration
  • Games Arts
  • 3D Product
  • Interior Design and Architecture

You will develop as a designer with your own distinct style to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Your projects

Your projects will replicate the way that industry works, fostering the technical knowledge and the analytical and problem-solving skills that will enable you to thrive in your career.

Our small, collaborative classes are led by industry professionals in specialist studios, and will enable you to combine your unique talents with other artists to push the boundaries of this dynamic industry.

We partner with key players in the media industries to guide you in fulfilling your creative and career ambitions, with guest lectures and work experience opportunities.

Your journey

Your journey within design could start at level 3. This may be you joining us from school or progressing from our Creative Discovery Level 2.

Take a look at our Design courses

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