Learning and teaching at Morley

Overview of teaching and learning at Morley, from Craig Hanlon-Smith, Centre Principal at North Kensington

What you can expect from the College

Our Student Charter outlines what you can expect from the College and what the College expects from you:

  • a welcoming learning environment that is clean and safe
  • clear information on our services and courses
  • fair and efficient enrolment procedures
  • clear course outlines that explain what you will learn on our courses
  • well-planned opportunities for you to learn
  • classes that start on time
  • opportunities for you to be successful throughout your course
  • consistent support for you to gain qualifications
  • courses which fulfil the requirements of the relevant examination bodies
  • respect for equality and diversity
  • additional help if you have a disability and, on appropriate courses, learning support when needed
  • good-quality teaching that we regularly check to ensure high standards
  • up-to-date teaching methods and courses
  • prompt and helpful feedback on your progress (we will mark and return work within 15 working days)
  • good-quality learning resources to support your studies
  • fair and impartial assessments
  • opportunities for you to raise your comments and suggestions and be involved in planning the future of the College
  • a clear and fair complaints procedure
  • being kept informed about our performance
  • confidentiality

What the College expects of you

So that you can make the most of your time with us we expect that you will make a full commitment to your course by:

  • obtaining information about your course before joining, by consulting the relevant course outline or talking to the relevant programme area
  • accurately and honestly completing your enrolment form, including the disclosure of any information about your health or circumstances that we need to know to support you (privacy can be arranged for this disclosure if you require)
  • sharing in our efforts to keep the College a welcoming, clean, tidy and safe environment by respecting the property of the College, of staff and other students attending regularly and punctually and letting us know when you can’t attend
  • Attending 100 per cent of your course
  • committing to filling out student evaluation forms to tell us how well or otherwise you have learned
  • commenting on the quality of our service to help us maintain high standards
  • sharing your opinions about the College with us – attendance at Student Focus Groups is strongly welcomed.

Learning online with Morley

When you are accessing learning and teaching online, there are some common-sense rules to follow for the benefit of all. Watch the video below to find out more.

Using your mobile phone in college

Please remember to switch off your phone if you are not using it for learning in the classroom, as well as at performances and presentations, the Library and Learning Centre.

If you use a mobile phone around the College, please be considerate to students and staff around you and minimise noise and disruption.

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